Dubai South and Huawei to Help Accelerate the Development of a Smart Transportation System

Dubai South and Huawei have announced that they have come into a strategic partnership to help the development and adoption of a smart transportation system.

Dubai South, the largest single-urban master development focusing on aviation, logistics and real estate has announced a strategic partnership with Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. The new partnership entails the adoption of innovative digital technologies and solutions from Huawei to enable intelligent, connected and sustainable communications infrastructure, data management, transportation, operations, security and other related services at Dubai South.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU), was signed on the sidelines of Dubai Airshow by HE Khalifa Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation Corporation and Dubai South; and Jerry Liu, CEO – Huawei UAE.

“Dubai’s status as a worldwide communication hub has been activated and achieved through its relentless efforts towards innovation and investment in cutting-edge technology. The collaboration with Huawei enables us to build a connected aviation community capable of supporting sophisticated services that cater to the future of transporation and mobility. We are cetain that our valued partners and customers will benefit from cutting-edge infrastructure through which they can offer bespoke services to their clients.”

HE Khalifa Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman, Dubai Aviation Corporation and Dubai South

“Huawei’s solutions already power some of the most prominent airport projects in the UAE. This partnership is yet another milestone in the pipeline of Huawei solutions that help develop regional economies through the latest digital technologies, underpinned by strong cybersecurity design that can address hot-button, board-level concerns, such as ransomware. Eventually, this project will set the benchmark for other connected communities towards the region’s rapid digitalizsation.”

Jerry Liu, CEO, Huawei UAE

To develop a dynamic smart transportation system, Dubai South plans to deploy a fully connected, high-bandwidth, low-latency private network for massive machine interactions built on Huawei technology. Dubai South will also take advantage of Huawei’s expertise through designing an advanced integrated operations centre for centralised monitoring and control operations, traffic, security and other services. The two organisations will also explore innovative solutions to support a mixed-traffic, intelligent transport system for autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles.

Furthermore, Dubai South and Huawei will consider potential collaboration on an intelligence-enabled platform for diverse stakeholders, such as aviation, logistics, education and training and other sectors for operational purposes. The two entities will also develop and promote unified international cybersecurity standards to safeguard digital transformation projects.

Huawei is committed to supporting customers in the government, transportation, real estate, education and healthcare sectors to accelerate the digital transformation and reduce their overall IT spend. By offering comprehensive solutions for large scale infrastructure projects, Huawei brings the UAE closer to embracing a fully connected, intelligent world.

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