Municipal City Council of Port-Louis Move Towards Digitization of Local Authorities

The Municipal City Council of Port-Louis have announced their plans to implement the I-Council project to help the digitization of local authorities.

The implementation of the I-Council project at the Municipal City Council of Port-Louis, in line with Government’s vision to digitalise Local Authorities, enhance management efficiency and effectiveness and provide better services, was launched, in Port Louis.

The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management, Dr Anwar Husnoo, the Lord Mayor of the Municipal City Council of Port-Louis, Mr Mahfooz Cadersaib, and other personalities were present.

In his address, Vice-Prime Minister Husnoo recalled that the Ministry has embarked on an array of digitisation projects and technological innovations through the I-Council pilot project which was launched in 2018 at the District Council of Moka. The project, he recalled, has already been implemented at the District Councils of Savanne and Flacq, and the Municipal Council of Port-Louis adding that it will soon be implemented in all the local authorities.

The I-Council project, he hghlighted, will enable local authorities to organise and supervise projects being implemented at all levels including legal, contractual, procurement and financial procedures of project, and implementation processes from conception to the payment phases. He indicated that the system will also help to control the expenses, enable proper management of resources, and provide detailed report on progress achieved as well as follow-up of projects.

He further underlined that since 2015, Government has been investing massively in several projects around the country to cater to the needs of the population. With a view to provide a better quality of life to the population, modern infrastructure and better services in a timely manner, Government has significantly increased funds allocated to local authorities in Budget 2021-2022, he said.

The Vice-Prime Minister expressed optimism that the implementation of the I-Council project will provide a convenient tool for decision-making by the Councils through optimised management of resources. The system optimises the deployment of the resources and funds in a more controlled manner which will enable the Council to deliver its mandatory responsibilities efficiently throughout its jurisdiction, he added.

For his part, the Lord Mayor, Mr Cadersaib, said that that the Council will embark on a more innovative strategy to provide a more improved and enhanced digitalised service to the population. The project, he added, will enable the Council to work on its weaknesses and improve its services and thus provide better quality services in a more timely manner to the residents.

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