NCC Reiterates its Support Towards KADCCIMA

The NCC has reiterated its consistent support towards Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has assured the Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KADCCIMA) of its continuous support and partnership, because the Chamber’s initiatives, programmes and activities are purposively targeted at enhancing Nigeria’s growth and socio-economic development.

Professor Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC gave the assurance recently while receiving a delegation from KADCCIMA which paid a courtesy visit to the Management of the Commission. Speaking through Adeleke Adewolu, Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Management of NCC, who received KADCCIMA delegation, Danbatta also announced that NCC will participate in the 2022 Kaduna International Trade Fair.

The 2022 Kaduna International Trade Fair, which theme is: “Strategizing Nigeria Economy for Global Competitiveness”, is the 43rd Edition of the Fair and it is scheduled to take place in Kaduna, from 25th February to 6th March, 2022.

The delegation from KADCCIMA, led by Ishaya Idi, its First Deputy President, told the Management of NCC that the purpose of the visit was to convey the appreciation of the Chamber to NCC for the latter’s consistent and impressive participation in Kaduna International Trade Fair, and importantly to commend NCC’s superlative performance in facilitating Nigeria’s emerging digital culture. Idi, who was palpably excited about NCC’s assurance of participation, continuous collaboration and partnership, also informed the meeting that the 2022 edition of the Trade Fair is going to be significant because President Buhari has confirmed he will be attending.

Adewolu, while recalling the history of NCC relationship with institutional organisers of trade fairs in Nigeria, stated that the Commission has had a long history of strategic partnership and collaboration with KADCCIMA and its counterparts across the country. He asserted that NCC appreciates the relationship exceedingly because trade fairs, particularly the NCC DAY segment at trade fairs, have served as good platforms for the Commission to engage, inform and educate telecom consumers, in keeping with its mandate as stipulated in the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003.

Increasing the intensity of engagement with the delegation from KADCCIMA, Adewolu observed that the theme of this year’s trade fair in Kaduna, resonates with one of the underpinnings of the Commission’s Strategic Vision Implementation Plan (SVP) as well as the Strategic Management Plan (SMP), that seek to provide a level-playing field in its regulation so as to promote competition among operators in the Nigerian telecoms industry.

“Therefore, Commission’s participation at the 43rd Kaduna International Trade Fair has become even more auspicious as telecoms is increasingly becoming a critical part of private and business operations, as well as major contributor to national economy.”

Adeleke Adewolu, Executive Commissioner Stakeholder Management, NCC

Adewolu thanked the Chamber for being so mindful of Commission’s strides and for recognising its achievements in the area of transforming Nigeria’s economy through the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He congratulated the new leadership of the Chamber and urged all the members to continue to seek ways to reposition the Chamber for greater accomplishments.

Commissioner Adewolu’s team that received the delegation from KADCCIMA include the Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, Efosa Idehen; Director, Public Affairs, Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde; and the Special Assistant to the Executive Vice Chairman on Legal Matters, Afure Iloka.

The Kaduna International Trade Fair is one of the largest international trade exhibitions in Nigeria that rallies producers and manufacturers of goods and services to exhibit their latest products from different sectors, for the purposes of networking, sales, business promotion and regulation. It is considered a major annual event.

The Nigerian Communications Commission also participates in the Lagos International Trade Fair, Enugu International Trade Fair, Kano International Trade Fair, Port Harcourt International Trade Fair, and Abuja International Trade Fair, all of which take place annually.

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