Huawei and du Sign an MoU for Joint Innovation on MEC

Huawei and du have signed a memorandum of understand towards joint innovation on Multi-access edge computing.

 At MWC22 Barcelona, Huawei and du signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for joint innovation on multi-access edge computing (MEC). The two parties will research, verify, and replicate MEC-oriented applications in the Middle East, helping du provide more diversified communications services. They hope to join forces to accelerate the digital transformation in the Middle East, and set a benchmark for the development of global digital economy.

Saleem AlBlooshi (Chief Technology Officer of du) and Richard Liu (President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line) attending the signing ceremony.

5G is the cornerstone of global digital transformation, and MEC is a fundamental technology in 5G and essential for unlocking new business value. With MEC, ubiquitous connections and high computing capabilities can be delivered to individuals for their diverse services, such as VR, AR, and multimedia; and low latency and high security can be provided to enterprises by restricting data to within enterprise campuses. The sustainable development of both B2B and B2C services requires the scale-up of MEC.

As one of the fastest growing operators in the UAE, du excels in both 5G coverage and network rate, and holds a big share in the Middle East market. Over the years, du and Huawei have continuously explored and innovated in the MEC field and achieved multiple practices. For example, in February 2021, du, Huawei, and local partners leveraged 5G MEC to live broadcast the matches of the UAE’s President’s Cycling Cup, delivering a VR-based immerse experience to audience.

“Mobilizing our joint forces together with Huawei is a big step for the mobile industry. Our ambitious framework sets to deliver high-quality certifications to empower business ventures not only in tech but across industries which further grounds du as a leading intelligent service and product provider.”

Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, du

Richard Liu said that Huawei has conducted extensive research in MEC and has deployed MEC-related 5G applications in various industries. With this as a solid basis, Huawei will help du unlock more MEC applications, providing diversified high-quality XR and multimedia services for individual consumers, and connection and computing capabilities to enterprise customers for their differentiated requirements.

Digital transformation is in full swing. MEC, as one of the key enablers for 5G networks, will gradually penetrate into various industries, becoming an integral part of these industries and accelerating their digital transformation. Huawei will work with more industry partners to advance MEC innovation and deployment. We are committed to helping operators achieve cloud-edge synergy and accelerate customers’ digital progress.

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